“European carnivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange
and XI National Meeting of the Italian Carnivorous Plants Society

Villa Widmann – Mira (Venice) -19-20-21 september 2008
Versione Italiana

The magnificent villa along side the Brenta river, has been chosen to hold the Italian meeting 2008 and the incoming EEE2008

The official exhibition flyer's

The Italian Carnivorous Plants Society (AIPC) is honoured to organize the 2008 European meeting for all the carnivorous plants lovers and societies.
European Carnivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange, for brevity mentioned and known as EEE 2008, will concur with the XI AIPC's National Meeting, its members' annual meeting, in Mira (Venice) on 19 to 21 September 2008.

In conjunction with the important international event, the conventional AIPC's autumnal meeting will take place, with its distinctive activities, such as the Members' Congress, the Carnivorous Olympics, the plants Auction, and services reserved to members only: Seed Bank, Materials Bank, Library, Secretariat, spaces for other CP Societies which could join us during the event.

   Event Appointments

    By aipc’s stand a brochure reporting programmes and a plan of the villa will be available to help you move around.

Friday, September 19th, 2008
  10.00 - Educational meeting with some classes from Mira schools
15.00 - Opening to the public of the exposition, the market area, associative spaces
18.00 - Gates closing
20.00 - Dinner in a local pizzeria
Saturday, September 20th, 2008
  10.00 - Opening to the public of the exposition, the market area, associative spaces; visitors acceptance and AIPC members registration
11.00 - Dr. Jan Schlauer - "Rare European Utricularia Species"
15.00 - Andreas Fleischmann - "Drosera species of Venezuela - including the newly discovered D. solaris"
17.00 - Joachim Nerz - "Distribution-patterns of Nepenthaceae in Sumatra - is there a gap in between Western- and Northern Sumatra?"
19.30 - Gates closing
20.30 - Social dinner in a typical local restaurant
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
  10,00 - Gates opening
10.30 - Stewart McPherson "The Forgotten Carnivorous Plants"
11.30 - Siegfried Hartmeyer - "New DVD show"
14.00 - Carnivorous Auction Sale
15.00 - Carnivorous Olympiad prize-giving
15.30 - Dr. Lorenzo Peruzzi - "The genus Pinguicula in pensinsular Italy: diversity and distribution"
17.00 - Andreas Fleischmann - "Zambia and Sierra Leone: Drosera, Utricularia, Genlisea and Triphyophyllum"
19.00 - Manifestation closing
Here follows resumes of the LECTURES: click ==> ON <==.
Mira is one of the most extended and populated town in Venice inland. A third of its territory is made by shoals, a very fascinating natural environment, which looks like an island daedal semi-submerged by water, with a canal myriad in between.
Heart of the Riviera del Brenta, Mira is exactly in the middle of the great metropolitan area that connects Venice to Padua with no discontinuity.
Highway SR 11, speedway Serenissima (A4), railway Venice-Padua and highway Romea go through its territory, while Naviglio Brenta, once the only way from Venice to Padua, maintains the role of fascinating tourist itinerary, characterized by the Villas that Venetians built along the canal between 1500 and 1700. Mira is easily reachable from speedway A4, at only 4km from Dolo-Mirano tollgate, with well signalled ways.

You can navigate through a zoomable map of Mira centred on Villa Widmann with Google Maps.

Distances from some of the most important Italian cities to Mira are the following:

  Milan 250 km
  Rome 510 km
  Turin 400 km
  Boulogne 130 km
  Florence 230 km
  Udine 130 km

You can also get to Mira by bus, from the train station Venezia-Mestre with bus line number 9 to the bus stop "Camping Serenissima" where we can come and catch you in five minutes or bus line 53 Mestre-Dolo which stops exactly in front of Villa Widmann.

Mira is also at 20 minutes from Venice Airport "Marco Polo", reachable by bus too.

For more information:

    Call center Hellovenezia, Tel (+39)0412424
    ACTV line 53 Venice-Dolo-Padua (+39)0412722111 - www.actv.it

The Villa is property of the district of Venice, and managed by the Tourist Promotion Company of the district of Venice - Tourist Ambit of Venice. It hosts the tourist information point (IAT) for Venice inland. Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari is an ancient summer mansion of the rich families of the magnificent Serenissima, the Doges' Venice and the eighteenth-century's luxury. Jewel of the late Venetian baroque, the complex is composed by the Villa (to visit, between a lecture and a good chat) flanked by the Barchessa, the old open barn with a bright porch. The wide century-long Park lets you relax and walk in harmony with nature, among the white peacocks, rare animals which are Villa Widmann emblem. To protect them, after some inconvenience occurred, no dogs are admitted inside the Villa. The Villa has its own parking along the perimetric walls.

A look to the beautiful frescos inside
Behind the villa it is located the secular park

Meeting organization inside the Villa

By aipc’s stand a brochure reporting programmes and a plan of the villa will be available to help you move around.

The Campiello
You get to the meeting areas directly from the parking, through a gate that leads you to the Venetian Campiello, a small yard with the traditional well such as in Venice's forecourts. Here there will be large gazebos which will host the acceptance and information for visitors and AIPC members. Abreast to one another, different tables will offer services for the affiliates such as the Library, the Seed Bank, the Materials Bank, Secretariat for new subscriptions and renewals, AIPC's publications, and plants offered from the affiliates to visitors. To complete the societies space, there will also be space for other European Societies which could go on their activities, proposals and publications known.

For congresses and lectures there is a small Auditorium at the ground floor, where about a hundred people can comfortably sit. It is a well isolated room, so that if someone will not be interested in lectures will be free to go on conversing or exchanging plants or experiences without any fear to disturb. This room is easily accessible also to handicapped.

On the first floor, in large poly-functional rooms, accessible by the stairs or elevators, there will be the exposition of the Photo Contest 2008.
The Auditorium.
The terrace will host the market area.
In the Campiello yard you can also find a cafeteria, in which have a break during the day with some coffee or a snack, especially if you don't want to "waste time" with a proper lunch.

Beyond the space described up to now, you can find the large terrace, where a structure will be prepared to host the market space, with professional sellers and some tables dedicated to hobbyists, who may expose their plants for exchanges and advising.

Finally, beyond this space there are the glasshouses, a bright small building where we will expose at our best the plants for the Carnivorous Olympics, using all the rooms to be sure to give them the emphasis they deserve and to let the public contemplate them with ease. All the plants in exposition will have a card which will describe technical details and particularities. They will also display a number to let a qualified jury and the affiliates to knowingly express their preference; other visitors may also vote for the most beautiful plant, putting a form into a dedicated ballot-box at the entrance of the glasshouse.
The greenhouses will host the Carnivorous Olympics.

During all the day, it will be available a catering service inside the villa, in which you could find snacks, sandwhiches, hot meals and quick appetizers. Under the porch in front of the park there will be park-benches and small tables where you comfortably eat. All people attending can have a picnic in the selected area. Booking is not required. We strongly suggest to have dinner in this proper area. For whom may ask, it will be available a list of the closest restaurants.

Friday's dinner

A big local pizzeria will be booked; the participants will be divided in different tables. To join the dinner, you will have to send an email HERE, the cost is calculated on the single order.

Saturday's dinner

A typical restaurant is booked, where we will have a dinner based on typical local cuisine; to participate you will have to send an email HERE.
Subscriptions will close on September, 1st 2008. To see dinner menu and price agreed, just click ON

Advertence: who will not subscribe in time will have to manage the dinners by himself. Subscriptions will close on September, 1st 2008.

To stay overnight everyone will have to arrange by himself. We provide a list of structures particularly near the Villa; we suggest to book mentioning AIPC because, when possible, we will ask discounts and facilities to the structures.

Camping At 4km far from the Villa there is an ample camping where to stay in tent, caravan, camper.
  Camping Serenissima
Agritourism There are many opportunities at 2-4-6km far from the Villa. Costs vary from 30.00€ to 45.00€ a person for each night.
  Ca Marcello
Agriturismo Venezia
Ai Tigli
Bed & Breakfast Some very near the Villa, prices vary from 30.00€ to 45.00€ a person for each night.
  Villa Olanda
Villa Feletto
Alcova del Doge
Mira Buse
Hostel It is about 8km far from the Villa. It offers rooms with bathroom at 20.00€ a person, or dormitories with 6 beds at 17.00€ a person for each night. Phone booking suggested.
  Sole e Luna
Hotels We mention only the nearer, there is a very large choice. Prices vary from 45.00€ to 65.00€ a person for each night.
  Il Burchiello
Isola di Caprera
Riviera dei Dogi
Vecia Brenta
Other accomodation Website of the Tourist Office of Venice, looking for accomodation near Mira.
  Link 1
Link 2
For whom would like to add some history and culture to a day among carnivorous plants, the mansion-house is visitable (entrance payment is required) all day long, with particularly aware guides while, crossing the street and a little bridge nearby, other Venetians Villas and Italian Gardens may offer an attractive and interesting entertainments to partners and relatives not interested in carnivorous plants; also remember that there is a bus that leads you to Venice in half an hour and stops just in front of the Villa. In 15 minutes following the street you can also get to the beautiful Villa Reale in Stra, considered the Versailles of the Serenissima Republic. Other information on the website www.riviera-brenta.it
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