“European carnivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange
e XI Meeting Nazionale Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore”

Villa Widmann – Mira -19-20-21 settembre 2008
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La magnifica villa lungo la riva del Brenta, sede del XI meeting nazionale e del prossimo EEE 2008

Following the Italian laws,
  • people without a VAT registration or without authorisation to sell to public, cannot sell their plants or any own properties, during a public exhibition or even between members;
  • basing on DL 4-12-97 n. 460, it is allowed to associations to occasionally raise funds, even with low value goods;
to avoid serious fiscal-burocratic problems, AIPC board of directors has carefully studied with authorities and has finally decided to offer this solution to AIPC members and other European associations which would partecipate to the national meeting & EEE 2008 with their plants, cuttings or divisions which will be held in Mira (Venice, Italy) on 19-20-21 September 2008.
  1. All Italian and foreign non professional exhibitors will be grouped in a distinct area called “Fund raise pro-AIPC”, well separated from the professional sellers. Their plants will be offered to the public with the intention of a money raise to be given to the "Splinter Hill Bog Preserve, Perdido, Alabama" in cooperation with the International Carnivorous Plants Society. The project will be well illustrated in the reserved area.
  2. Each exhibitor will be asked to devolve 10% from the income sales during the 3-day expo.
  3. Each exhibitor must confirm his/her participation within September 1st, until spaces will be available, fulfilling the AIPC module, indicating personal datas and a simple plant list which he intends to expose, even with generic description (sarracenia, drosera, etc.), with the indication of the price.
  4. At gate opening, a designated AIPC volunteer will assign the stand area reserved, about 1 linear meter table, and will check the plants exposed with the sales list priorly given.
  5. The exhibitor must, before expo closing, verify together AIPC volunteers, the plants sold and to correspond at least 10% of the total amount as fund to be given to the Italian Association.
  6. The exhibitor will declare to understand what required and sign its own sales list, which will be provided at opening registration, before plants will be displayed.
  7. The exhibitor must re-arrange clear the stand area and provide to the disposal of litter in the proper boxes.
Booking of the stand area, only on reservation, shall be sent within September, 1st 2008, together the module by email to infoEEE.aipc@gmail.com or by fax to +39 041 5600494 (meal hours)
To be accepted as exhibitors it is mandatory to be at least 18 years old or otherwise to send the module signed by a parent and accompanied by a photocopied identity document.
The participation is reserved to AIPC members only and to European CP members regularly subscribed within 30 june 2008.
AIPC - Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore
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