“European carnivorous Plants Exhibition end Exchange
and XI National Meeting of the Italian Carnivorous Plants Society

Villa Widmann – Mira (Venice) -19-20-21 september 2008

The magnificent villa along side the Brenta river, has been chosen to hold the Italian meeting 2008 and the incoming EEE2008


  1. The Carnivorous Olympics is open to all people who enjoy cultivating carnivorous plants, not only to AIPC members, without any limitation.
  2. To join the Carnivorous Olympics is mandatory to subscribe, just sending the form by email within and not over September, 1st.
  3. It’s obligatory to compile a form for each plant, composition or terrarium you may wish to get in expo.
  4. Every participant will be free to subscribe the number of plants or composition he may wish (vase, composition, closed or open top terrarium) , but information required must be provided for each plant, which will be included to the plant data sheet.
  5. Plants and compositions will be shown to public and to the jury grouped by genus (i.e. drosera with drosera, nepenthes with nepenthes, terrarium with terrarium).
  6. It will not be possible to subscribe the award winner plants of the last contest (2007 meeting).
  7. Winners will be declared by the poll of the votes, coming from jury, from AIPC members or the public.
  8. Plants will be given to AIPC volunteers at meeting opening and will be displayed in the apposite area at volunteer-made decision.
  9. Plants may be delivered starting from Friday 18th September at 15 o’clock within and not over Sunday 21st September at 10 o’clock.
  10. Plants and/or compositions which will not comply to the forms will be exposed in an area for plants not in contest (otherwise data sheet will lose meaning).
  11. The designated area will not have surveillance all the time, however plants will be disposed in a reserved room, which will be closed when volunteers will not be available, and during the night. AIPC will not assume any responsibility in case of damage or loss.
  12. Poll of the votes expressed by AIPC members and public will start from Saturday 20th September at 16 o’clock while the jury during the members congress on Sunday 21st September.
  13. At the entrance registration each member will receive a green card to be inserted in the ballot-boxes near the plants expo.
  14. Public will receive a white card which will be at disposal on a table close to the expo which will be inserted in a separate ballot-box.
  15. Vote possibility will end on Sunday 21st September at 15 o’clock. A designed group will proceed to poll votes.
  16. Jury will be made up of some guests, in odd number, at AIPC Board of Directors discretion. Some special guest who may join us during the meeting might be invited to participate. President will be the elder participant of the jury. In case of vote parity, his/her vote will be double.
  17. Prize-winners will be declared around 16 o’clock, in any case not exceeding the end of the first lecture on Sunday afternoon.
  18. Plants could be collected only after the distribution of prizes, together with the apposite volunteer: it will not be possible to get back plants without approval of the surveillance volunteers, who will take note in a suited block notes.
  19. All plants will be photographed and pictures could be published on AIPC website or AIPC magazine.
  20. All results will be published on AIPC website.
There will be three prizes, assigned to:
  1. plant or composition chosen by the jury – prize: two-years subscription to AIPC;
  2. plant or composition voted by AIPC members – prize: particular seeds from AIPC’s seedbank;
  3. plant or composition voted by the public – prize: materials for carnivorous plants cultivation.
There might be in addition some honourable mentions assigned by the jury to some deserving plants, in the form of papyrus signed by the jurors. The jury will be composed by some foreign guests or lecturers present at EEE, together with other people eventually asked to join it by the organizers.
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